Research and Management for Development Results (RMDR) specializes in: 

  • Research and Evaluations 

  • Business Development

  • Management

for a range of clients in the International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid sector. 

RMDR works according to guiding principles: FACE³. We apply these principles in all aspects of our work from conducting research and carrying out evaluations to management of projects as well as overall interaction with our clients.


FACE³ stands for:

F = Factual (we are verifiable)

A = Accurate (in reporting, but also in information sharing etc. )

C = Clear (our work is readable and understandable)

E = Efficient

E = Effective

E = Ethical

RMDR is based in the Netherlands, but works worldwide.  


Our strength lies in broad professional knowledge and experience with actors in the International Development Cooperation from business to institutions such as EU, UN, WB, EIB and various INGOs.  

We are Efficient, Effective and Ethical in every aspect of our work

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